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Acting Career Coach

Acting Career Coach

Our Acting Career Coaching is based on living from the heart, allowing self-love to envelop you and staying true to your innermost desires while feeling empowered and driven by your sense of purpose and mission in life.

When you thrive in all you desire, we all thrive with you. We experience your creative expression through your work. And we feel it as thrilling, exciting and fulling as you experience it while creating it and expressing it. When you convey your art, we, your audience, fully participate in that which you create. 

Acting Career Coach

To begin living from the heart and embrace your desire to have a successful Career in Acting, let your Acting Tutor help you with this:

  1. Know and love who you are and precisely what you want.
  2. Understand that Confidence Grows with the Mastering of the Craft
  3. Trust your Uniqueness and let that lead the way. Your unique talents and attributes and the individual desires for your unique life expression. 
  4. Whatever you want, desire or dream about is yours, and you are entitled to have it. It’s yours the moment you desire it. 
  5. Learn to masterfully align your thoughts, feelings and actions with what you desire.

The main challenges we encounter on the road to a successful career in acting are these:

  1. Lack Confidence.
  2. Lack of focus on Improving and Mastering the Craft due to not having access to consistent advanced acting coaching.
  3. The inability to book the roles in the projects one wishes to, ultimately joining the masses of rejected resumes and headshots. 
  4. The inability to make a living out of acting and eventually give up one’s dream. 
Acting Career Coach

Let’s speak about a few of these points which ,as an Acting Tutor, I encounter again and again. 

Lack of focus on Improving\Mastering the Craft – not access to consistent proper training here 

They’re not enough good quality and easily accessible Acting Coaching.

This means that most aspiring actors are never thoroughly trained and their chances of becoming masters of the craft are slim. This works against the artist; they set themselves up for failure when pursuing goals they have not adequately prepared for. Some Actors/Actresses quit because they feel they are not good enough, and what has happened is that they haven’t given themselves a chance for Mastery. To truly learn the craft, understand how it works, and achieve limitless creative growth within the acting skill.

Acting Career Coach

Know and Love who you are and Precisely what you Want

This is one of the keys to your success as an Actor/Actress. 

  • What film do you want to star in? 
  • What character do you want to play?
  • What director do you want to work with? 
  • What kind of impact do you want to have? 
  • Where do you want your Acting Career to go? 

Take a piece of paper and write down the answers. Then go ahead a decide that that is precisely what you are going to do, and knowing what you want will take you there quickly. 

Not knowing where you want to go will get you nowhere. If your attitude is “whatever comes”, you will not be living up to your full potential, and it will be hard to find fulfilment.

Whatever you want is very important, and you can have it.

Know thou self. 

The sum of who we are is fundamentally determined by how we perceive ourselves. Not that that is always our true self which we perceive ourselves to be; more often than not, our perception is corrupted with negativity and false limiting beliefs. 

If you perceive yourself as a perfect divine being, your perception is correct. If you perceive yourself as anything less than that, chances are you are incorrect in how you see yourself.

Acting Career Coach

Let’s Talk MUA 

  • Mastering the Craft. 
  • Uniqueness Power and 
  • Aligning with your career desires

 This is your personalised road map to career fulfilment. 

MUA is my Step by Step to your Acting Career Success Guidance Coaching Programme.

Acting Career Coaching 1-2-1 for acting career success. I take you by the hand and walk you through the process and the specific steps you need to take to achieve your acting career goals.

Guidance, structure and continued support.

Actors complain about how difficult it is to break into the Industry. Having looked from both sides, I know that what is mainly lacking is ‘guidance’, knowledge of how the Industry works, which shows a need for structure and continued support in all areas of your Acting Career.

Here is the guidance you need to harness the power within for fulfilment and success. Your Step by Step Inspiration and action to take control of your dreams. Learn the specific process you need to master to map out your acting career route.

Why did I create this programme? 

Because for years, I struggled with the concept of ‘making it” in the Industry. Feeling that those who made it big were lucky, special, more loved by God and more extraordinary than me. Better than me in any way imaginable. It wasn’t until I was sitting on the other side of the camera, as the one “calling the shots”, and when I was at the other side of the stage as the Acting Tutor, that I understood that all those preconceived ideas were false. 

Acting Career Coach

To succeed beyond your wildest dreams, you need ‘correct guidance’, determination and belief. 

Sylvia love Johnson

Acting Career Coach

Knowledge is Power. 

I will direct you in the steps you need to take to “Be in the right place at the right time”. For your precise goals and specific ambitions

As an Actress, Writer, Filmmaker, and Producer, having successfully worked in these fields, I have struggled in all areas. I know exactly how you feel if you are not 100% satisfied with your career, and I know exactly how to overcome your struggles because I have done it.

I came out of drama school with dreams alone and had no direction, idea, or support. So I made my first mistake: I started following the masses, doing what “everyone” does, which is the best way to get lost entirely.

I have identified the different career paths you might want to take depending on your specific goals and unique desires. Levering your Uniqueness is vital for Aligning with your Dreams.

Acting Career Coach

My Mentorship for your Acting Career as your Acting Tutor helps you gain :

  1. Guidance in the fixes you need to become a Master of the Craft. 
  2. The mindset transformation that you need to fulfil your every desire.
  3. A road map will help you understand the right path towards achieving your career goals. 
  4. Step by Step inspired actionable guidance to follow your customised roadmap to success.
  5. You will learn to see more opportunities quickly and attract them to you.

Acting Career Coach

Be ready to give yourself a chance; you deserve to follow your heart and get everything you want because it is yours. Your most profound and authentic desires are what you are here to do. 

Sylvia Love Johnson

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