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Aligning with your Dreams and Desires

Aligning with your Acting Career Dreams and Desires, Redefined |

It’s not all or nothing…

Sometimes we look at situations in our life as an “all or nothing” type affair. If we don’t go all-in on something and do it 100%, we’re tempted not to do anything.

But consider this…

Confucius said, “It does not matter how slowly you go, as long as you do not stop.”

Every day is a chance for you to take another step, and every moment is an opportunity for you to inch closer to your goals. Even taking small steps is better than doing nothing.

Let me guess…

You try to advance in your Acting Career and improve your skills by keeping up with training and submitting for auditions, but you are not consistent with your training, and showing up to auditions is getting harder. Then you feel like you are always “starting and stopping”. Sometimes you spend months spinning your wheels until you get discouraged by the lack of control you think you have in this “impossible” Industry, as it seems like no matter what you try, you can’t seem to crack the secret of getting on top of your Acting Career.

Until now…

That’s because I’m going to share with you five tips you can use to get ahead in the Entertainment Industry, gain great confidence in your Acting Mastery, learn to harness your Uniqueness to maximize your success potential and Align with your Acting Career Mission and Dreams. You won’t see these tips anywhere else – I know very few use them, and even fewer have ever shared them in public. But I think it’s time for you to know this.

Take a look…

Aligning with your Acting Career Dreams and Desires, Redefined

Acting Career Tip #1:

STOP aimlessly submitting to “anything and everything”.

Most Coaches will tell you to keep submitting your CV and HeadShots to anything and everything until something comes up, and this is Artistic suicide. There is no better way to get nowhere, achieve nothing, get lost and be discouraged.

You need to CHOOSE; to choose is to embrace your power. By choosing, you create your life path. You direct your subconscious onto what is to be manifested next by choosing. By choosing, you decide where your life is going. You have the power to do this, and it is your responsibility. Your happiness is your responsibility. It depends on you and not on some external out-of-reach factor. Your happiness is in your hands.

Can you imagine the “chaos” you put in place when you don’t choose, and instead, You Go for it ALL? You decide that anything would do, and you “Act Accordingly”. In many cases, frantically so until you burn out and become very frustrated and even angry when you see that your monumental and drastic hard work has led you to a place called nowhere.

Start choosing what you want and stick with it until you get it. Do you know why? Because you can.

Acting Career Tip #2:

Aligning with your Acting Career Dreams and Desires, Redefined

Start Focusing on what you want and Only what you want.

This is very much linked to harnessing and treasuring your Uniqueness. Who are you? And what is it you want? Whatever you want must come first, be clear about it, and know what it is precisely, and thus it Must be.


That’s all that’s needed: Knowing what you want for you to have it, “but” it works best when you make sure your focus (thoughts, feelings, energy) is on what you want and not on what you don’t want.

Find the deep conviction within yourself that led you to pursue the fulfilment of these desires. That deep conviction is part of who you are and what you are here to do. That’s the reason you have the desire. You deserve whatever you want because it is not even a matter of deserving anything; The truth is that whatever you truly desire is exactly what you are here to do. Whatever you want deep in your heart is inherently yours; you have created it with your thoughts and desires, with your Creator’s aspect within. It already exists for you to take no one else but yourself.

Your dreams and fulfilment exist because of you! Now all you need is to become aware of this truth and attack the desired manifestation by becoming a vibrational match to whatever your desires. You become an instant vibrational match when you are convinced it’s yours and coming; you expect it to manifest. You allow yourself to experience the ‘feelings’, thrill, joy, freedom etc that your desire brings it now. Start experiencing what you want, start filling, and watch it manifest.

“Feel the Frequency of That which you desire on your body”.

Whatever you want with your whole heart, it’s your birthright, and it is essential. Essential for you, yes. But also, it is intrinsically important to me and the rest of the human collective. Because you are a unique expression of the One with this specific manifestation to bring force, we want to experience you.

“All the One wants to do is Experience One Self infinitely in Love, Joy, Peace, the everlasting thrill of Creation, abundance and pleasure. You play an essential part because you are the only One who can do Your part.”

No one else in this Universe can do for you what your audience wants and needs from you.

Again, whatever you desire with your whole heart is important to me and the rest of humanity. Your artistic expression is unique, and we, the One, want to experience that uniqueness through you the only way we can. You see, we can only experience your Uniqueness through you.

This is my reason for needing you to focus only on what you want. Yet, I’m sure you can find multiple more great reasons to focus on what you want.

Acting Career Tip #3:

Aligning with your Acting Career Dreams and Desires, Redefined

Take your Acting Mastery seriously for your success and your delight.

Why have you decided to be an Actress/Actor? Because you are passionate about Acting, you are a true thespian.

You enjoy diving deep into the craft. Building and working on Characters. You love expressing feelings and emotions. You love evoking feelings and emotions in your audience. You like portraying complex life situations and experiencing different ways of dealing with many other challenges.

You love playing different roles passionately and truthfully in a way that would make an impact. Most of all, you love the Acting Craft. You love how it feels to be fully immersed in your performance, experiencing your Character’s life. You love the feeling of satisfaction and fulfilment after an outstanding performance.

Sadly most Actors/Actresses don’t give themselves the time and the dedication they need to Master the Acting Craft. This is an ever-evolving skill. When you commit to it, you are on a path to achieving greater levels of Mastery in a limitless fashion, and you can continue to expand infinitely.

Higher and higher levels of Mastery mean higher and higher levels of delight, fulfilment and pleasure for the true Artist.

Take your Acting Mastery seriously. Put it first. This is the only way to find the confidence you need to thrive in your career and meet the Genius within.

Aligning with your Acting Career Dreams and Desires, Redefined |
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Acting Career Tip #4:

Design your perfectly customised action plan with passion and confidence.

Here is where you most need the experience to navigate the Entertainment Industry field. But you must commit to your unique path based on your desires.

With insight and knowledge of how the industry works, you can create your customised Acting Career Success Roadmap.

The more specific you are, the better.

Never worry about exactly how to get it or how to get there. But always know precisely what you want or where you want to be.

Design your plan happily. Step One of your master plan infuses all your dreams and desires with positive emotions. Being specific yet allowing all the flexibility the Universe uses to deliver.

Remember that “delivering” what you want is not your Job. Your Job is to choose, desire, and direct your life path with your desire, with your creative thoughts and emotions from within. Focus on what you want with your heart, not so much with your mind. The way of the heart is faster and more satisfying, and it is the true path to fulfilment and understanding.

Affirm precisely what you want, declare your roadmap and set out on your journey. Excited. Knowing that the Universe will deliver as you command. If you lack the experience to navigate the Industry, your only job is to choose, and our coaches at MAT will help you shortcut your learning curve by lending you all of our experience on the ground. Which is over 100 years of experience when we sum up the experience of our Acting Mastery and Acting Career Coaches.

Acting Career Tip #5:

The Actors Inspiration E Journal Creative's Inspiration Source

Align with your Acting Career mission and purpose.

The moment you realise that your heartfelt desires and dreams are your mission and purpose in life. When you deeply connect with that truth, you consciously choose to live by it from your heart.

The moment you are aware of and accept the awareness of your mission and purpose. When you honour your mission and purpose and happily embark on the journey to fulfil your dreams, you commit to your journey with heartfelt conviction.

This is the moment you align with your Acting Career dreams. You have a mission to accomplish. It is your birthright, and it is your duty (to yourself and to humanity, if you will.) Nothing can or will stop you.

By honouring yourself, you honour the human collective which you are One with. Align with your Acting Career mission and purpose.

It’s a heart thing and not a mind thing. The mind is only helpful in gathering/organising the information at first. When trying to apply it as a motor for creativity, the mind becomes obsessive and a stumbling block. Stay heart-centred and soul-focused.


Aligning with your Acting Career Dreams and Desires, Redefined

The above five tips should give you some great results. I wouldn’t be surprised if you started experiencing an unstoppable sense of freedom and power in as little as after reading this article.

My acting coaching students see instant star-like improvement in their performances. Within my group of Creatives, I see how they quickly develop a strong sense of self-love, with translates into sheer drive with more passion than ever.

They suddenly know they “deserve” all they want. We are heirs, by birthright, of all the abundance, Love and Joy in the Universe.

My Acting Career Coaching students develop a strong desire and commitment to give themselves everything they need in this life forever. This Self-love leads them to manifest all of their life dreams. Just imagine how great it would feel when that is you!

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Aligning with your Acting Career Dreams and Desires, Redefined |
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