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Are you Waiting for a Random Break Into Entertainment Industry

Are you Waiting for a Random Break Into Entertainment Industry

It Doesn’t need to be random; it can be by design.

“A study found that 63% of Actresses and 48% of Actorsstruggle with anxiety every year.

59% of women performers and 61% of men performers suffer from stress, while 37% of women and 36% of men say they have had depression.

99% will quit before they break into the entertainment industry. Could You Be Next?

If you are or want to be involved in the Entertainment Industry as a performer, you simply can’t ignore these stats anymore. The good news is that you don’t have to be part of those statistics even if you want to dive into this profession, “SoulFirst”.

No one wants to talk about this, but the elephant in the room is obvious.

And that elephant will only get bigger and harder to ignore. Also, many people passionate about acting have no access to advanced acting training/coaching that helps them get on the right track towards Mastery of the Craft and, thus, their acting career. Support and clear direction are fundamental in any career; entertainers are no exception.

Are you Waiting for a Random Break Into Entertainment Industry

Right now, the statistics are startling. Every year, 99% of Actors /Actresses quit due to discouragement and depression in the UK alone. Of course, it’s obvious why only 1% make it into the Industry. Isn’t it? Over 60% Of Actresses and 40% of Actors suffer from anxiety, which doesn’t even count the people who do not report it.

If you are passionate and serious about your Acting Career, you’ve probably thought about this before. You probably realise that you’re a statistic waiting to happen.

You’ve probably realised what a nightmare it would be to be passionate about a profession but not have the means or contacts or direction or help and mentorship to access the opportunities and learn about projects you love on the path to Mastery of the Acting Craft.

The lack of confidence and lack of clarity comes inbuilt with the profession. The feeling of inadequacy at times. The challenge is when you start working on complex new roles. When one feels seriously intimidated by other actors who seem to know exactly what they are doing and the thought that you can never get that feeling of sheer confidence they seem to have.

It probably scares you out of your mind. I know the feeling.

You push it away. I know you push it away because you are brave. You are one of us. You dare to choose passion. You dare to follow your heart.

However, it is not so much about pushing discomfort or fear as if we were in a battle with ourselves but about seeing these fears for what they are. The Truth is that you have everything you need to fulfil your every desire. When you know this, you align with Truth and thus, everything in your life beings to align with Truth.

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Are you Waiting for a Random Break Into Entertainment Industry
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Yet, you are not alone

The industry’s lack of community, direction and support regarding the careers of performers is a genuine and severe problem.

Worse yet, even people who try to keep up to date with coaching by joining amateur theatre community groups aren’t managing to go much further than that. And those who take University degrees in Performing Arts and Acting may be doing more harm than good because mainstream education courses are designed for the masses to indoctrinate limitation; they are impersonal and generalised. They are not designed to make career artists.

You are a unique individual; you are not the masses. This is why you will find that all Actors Act Academy courses are designed to help you as a unique, powerful human being. I want you to see your power. You certainly don’t want to find yourself in a place where you feel powerless because you have to go about reaching your goals and your true desires. Which often seems impossible in this profession.

Are you Waiting for a Random Break Into Entertainment Industry

But the worse consequence of not learning to Master the Craft is that you will produce stale, forced, and “fake” performances that might be entertaining at best but will never reach your audience’s heart and will not impact them.

I’m speaking from personal experience. I nearly quit without realising that I was, inadvertently, gradually and quietly, giving up my dreams a few years after doing my BA in Acting at University.

It’s overwhelming when it happens, and you feel like there is nothing you can do when you don’t know what you are doing wrong. And it’s frightening when you feel unfulfilled and unsatisfied with your work. Some actors feel desperate, and they begin to shy away and quit slowly, inwardly. Thus, they start to feel very insecure at auditions until they can no longer bear it.

The point is that allowing this vicious circle in your career can turn your life upside down. It took me four years, right out of University, to recover.

It takes longer to wait for some random “break into the Industry”.

Many never recover because they quit. However, the road to recovery is never easy because, until now, there’s been no guidance, direction, or support available for Acting Professionals.

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