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Confidence in Acting and your Acting Career Grows with the Mastering of the Craft

Acting Craft Mastery

What does it mean, Master the Acting Craft?

You know what you are doing. You feel great doing it. You thoroughly enjoy it, and you grow to higher levels of Mastery every time you practice your craft. You are a powerful and memorable Actor/Actress who reaches out and touches the hearts and minds of their audience.

“There’s no more satisfying feeling than knowing.”

Knowing precisely what you want your performance to portray. How do you want to impact your audience. Knowing how do you want to look. What feelings do you want to evoke and knowing exactly how to create precisely what you know you want to create on stage or in front of the camera.

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When you can make specific choices for your character, gather a laser clear vision of how exactly you want to affect your audience. You know exactly how to develop the specific vision you have for your character; you are reaching the levels of Mastery that will make you a memorable and powerful Actor/Actress that touches and moves the hearts and minds of their audience.

When you are a Master of the craft, you are not afraid to do any role; you do not feel unable or inadequate when approaching a new character, no matter how challenging. Each new part is a new adventure, an opportunity to grow and expand. You take every opportunity to add anew to your Acting Tools Inventory.

Many actors feel doubtful and nervous when approaching new roles for character building. They think that “luck” is a factor in how well they will do. The reason for this doubt and lack of confidence is that they have not yet become Masters of the Craft.

Mastery implies that you know you have all the tools you need to build any character. You have used these tools before successfully, or you know how to create new tools to help you master a character as you go along the journey. You have unlimited access to your Acting Tools Inventory.

As a Master of the Craft, each new role or project is a new and exciting adventure to create something fresh. To sharpen your mastery levels and to grow and expand beyond any limitations and past experiences. You dive right in headfirst, and you know with certainty that growth and empowerment will be the definite outcome of your new creative adventure.

As a Master of the Craft, you surprise yourself with your talent and with your ability to create anything from scratch. As well as different versions, interpretations, possibilities and options. Each of your performances throughout character development and rehearsal has the potential of being effortlessly extraordinary and unique. I always see this in my Acting Students/Clients. They don’t cease to amaze me.

As a Master of that Craft, you are 100% in control of how you look, what you portray and how you affect your audience. You know exactly what to do for the results you expect. However, the miraculous side to every creation also leaves plenty of room for surprises and unexpected delights.

When you master the acting craft, you quickly understand what’s needed of you from your director. You have developed a language based on your tools and experiences. This language is the language of emotions. You know how to portray emotions and how to evoke emotions with great precision and at will.

You can grasp any character thrown at you without a doubt.

When you are a Master of the craft, your creations are 100% unique and original, even when going through the text for the 50th time. You do not imitate anyone, and you don’t try to “repeat” your previous successful performances. You can create each and every time anew.

You create something new, perhaps more profound, more meaningful, more inspiring and insightful, more perfect and in the moment each time you are up.

Most importantly, as a master of the craft, you thoroughly enjoy your creative process.

All of this might seem too good to be true or too hard to get, but I see this time and time again. True Mastery is achievable with passion, dedication and love. You’ve got to want it and love it. This is not for you if you are a person who would be just as happy doing something else.

When you Master the Craft

You instantly align with your career dreams. Focus and dedication bring about self-awareness and a deep sense of knowledge of what you want. When your passion and your mission align, you are on the road to fulfilling your desires. It’s that simple. As a master of the acting craft, you are sure of what you can bring into your life as an actor.

Mastery is When …

That perfection in you that is continuously flowing, shaping, remoulding, your creativity is alive and in motion. You have a large array of tools to create masterfully.

You recognise your Uniqueness. You stand at a point where you know no one can do what you do how you do it. You begin to learn to leverage your unique superpower. You begin to walk on your path with unshakable confidence and total certainty. You know your skills. You know your power.

Lack of confidence vanishes to the point that you no longer remember what lack of confidence in this area of your feels like.

Why would you want to Master the Acting Craft?

Because you adore this craft, absolutely nothing will be more fulfilling to you than Mastery.

You will fall in love with each character you play as you see the perfection in your creations when you express yourself through your art.

You then can choose the roles you want to tackle without fear; you know you can do them. It’s the most satisfying thing when you know you are the best at what you do. To feel the excitement and the thrill Mastery and complete command of skill produce bliss. To take yourself to higher levels of Mastery. To transcend. To make a lasting impact on your audience. To cause a long-lasting high-frequency effect.

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How do you go about Mastering the Craft?

First of all, it needs to be something you really want. Be driven by passion. Work at It consciously and continuously. Don’t rush the process. Give yourself time. Become seriously devoted. Practice practice practice. Make it your lifestyle. Set Goals. Test Yourself. Share your talent. Begin your outreach sooner rather than later.

What Drives you when working at it

The delight of the art. The power and beauty in creation. The artistic passion.

What are the benefits of Mastering the Craft?

Confidence and Certainty Direction and Focus. Work you love. Fulfilling your divinity.

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