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How to Achieve Your Acting Career Goals

Achieve your Acting Goals

Living from your Heart

In this industry,
no one tells you how to succeed and there is no one size fits all. You need to go after your Acting Career Goals with intention and as the unique individual that you are

How to Achieve Your Acting Career Goals

Ever since I can remember I wanted to be a recognised actress, a household name. I wanted to get the fame the money and the glamour. I wanted was to be loved by many, liked and admired worldwide. But deep down what I want is to express myself via my chosen art form in a way that’s unique, powerful, impacting and fulling.

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All my life I strongly believed that I could make it by simply doing what I was told to do and what everyone else was doing. After completing my BA in Acting at University I was fearless, ready to embrace a fulfilling Career in Acting. I was determined and full of faith. I didn’t apply to 100 auditions in a year I applied to 1000s.

I did exactly what most of you are doing right now:

✔️Submit Submit Submit to anything and everything.

✔️Wait by the phone.

✔️Hope for the best.

✔️Keeping up to date with all the must do’s: headshots, Equity, showreel, agent.

All this while constantly getting rejected. Discouraged and depressed. Afraid of opening my emails and moving houses so I wouldn’t get any more rejection letters. My efforts were aimless, scatty, general, impersonal, unfocused therefore the results were chaotic. I would have been better of doing nothing at all. I’m not talking about physical outward chaos. I’m talking about inner chaos. There is only so much rejection one can happily accept, and there is a limit to the enjoyment of the aimless journey my Acting Career had become.

“Know exactly what you want and aim at that with laser-focused determination”

As time went by I had this gut-level feeling that I was doing it wrong. I knew deep down that it wasn’t going to work. Imagine knowing that you don’t know the path to your dreams. What I did was try to ignore the voice that was telling me I was doing it wrong, because I didn’t know any other way. But the more work and effort I put into this crazy submit-submit-submit manner, the further and further and further away I felt from accomplishing my Acting Career goals. I felt it in my gut.

Eventually, the discouragement left me feeling unworthy of success. I started shying away from my inner light. Far from the worldwide recognition, I desired I was seriously doubting my ability to succeed.

How to Achieve Your Acting Career Goals

So, being a writer with several stories under my belt and a beautiful feature-length screenplay, twenty years ago I decided to approach my acting career differently, from a Producer/Director point of view. I was going to do my own work. I had so much to share with the world and a strong desire to learn everything about film production

In the meantime, while putting my plan to work, I got great acting roles too. I was selective, going only after what I really wanted, or what fulfilled a specific goal. Since my approach was very different, now I was pursuing my heart’s desire, and I was always successful in getting the roles I went for. Something magic was happening as it was bound to happen: My Energy became aligned with my purpose. This is the perfect way to manifest a career in acting or any other wish you may have.

My newfound plan of becoming a Producer so I could star in my own films took me on long yet exciting learning and self-discovery avenue. Culminating on taking an MA in Filmmaking, making eight short films, writing several more stories, winning a Best Produced Film Award in 2013 at the San Diego International Kids film festival, featuring on the official selection in some of the greatest film festivals in the world and meeting amazing likeminded creatives.

Most importantly, I’m currently working on my first Feature Film #MontanaMischief. I’m super excited with the parts I have created for other Actors like my lovely #JannelleMontana

But this isn’t all. I have told you all about how I found my path to a fulfilling ever-growing -to -higher -levels Acting Career. But what I want to tell you is about your path to a fulfilling acting career.

What I discovered through my trials. What made me have this obsession to help other actors is that, by sitting on the other side of the audition, I learnt that every single one of you has a unique path to your acting career success.

How to Achieve Your Acting Career Goals

Note the word UNIQUE is key.
No one told you that before, right?

Ah-ha! In this industry, no one tells you how to succeed! You need

#1 unwavering belief

#2 to know exactly what you want (as in laser-focused exactly)

#3 learn to leverage your uniqueness. Specifically, your unique desires and your unique mission in life.

When coaching my “MUA” program my clients learn to Master the craft, they learn that Uniqueness is key, and they learn to Align their energy, their life force with their desires, dreams and acting career goals.

The Steps in the process are unique for each creative and they vary greatly. But to give you an idea they can be summarised like this:

Step 1

Believe – this is a Must. You must believe that you are worthy of anything you desire.

Step 2

Get Clarity – You need to know without a shadow of a doubt what your mission in life as an Actor is and your Why.

Step 3

Get Focused– Get clear about laser-focused Specific Goals for your Acting Career.

Design your roadmap to fulfilment – 3 months- 1 year- 10 Years- from now. It is time to decide exactly where you are going to go and put our minds at work to decide on the pathway you will take. There is a specific path for each of your specific goals. I help my clients create their specific and unique roadmap to acting career success.

Your heart needs to be 100% into achieving your acting career goals and into every step you take to get you there.

How to Achieve Your Acting Career Goals

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Step 4

Get Savvy- The main problem in this industry is that no one tells you how to become successful. It’s like the best well kept secret mystery on the planet. You need to be savvy in following the steps necessary for your acting career success. Your steps will be different to someone else’s and you will see that when you leverage your uniqueness your possibilities are limitless.

Step 5

Be active – If you join my program there will be a lot of new activities. Once you know your goals and you have established the steps you need to take you will learn to take a different approach in everything you do. Your approach will be unique, tailored to your path, accommodating your precise vision for your acting career.

Step 6

Consciously, Intentionally and Intuitively Grow your Industry Network – Within my program, you learn to grow your Film and Entertainment Industry network purposefully in a way that serves your success.

Step 7

In my MUA program, you learn to Create and then be at the Right Place at the Right Time.

Your right place and the right time will be specially crafted and planned for you by you with my help, and as many times as you need, on-demand. You can become an expert in creating the right place and the right time for you.

How to Achieve Your Acting Career Goals

Let’s talk about how I could serve you best. Book a Session!!
I look forward to meeting you.

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Method Acting Tutor. Acting Career Coach. Actress, Writer, Filmmaker, and Producer. Sylvia Love Johnson is a Vivid Dreamer, Inspirational Writer, 7th art lover, Filmmaker, Writer, Award-winning film Producer, and Award-winning Entrepreneur. Actor, Acting Coach, and Method Acting Tutor. Sylvia is helping actors across the world take control of their careers. Join her Acting Career Coach Online School for Monologue Mastery, Method Acting, Actor Mind Set Mastery and Audition Prepping information and direction.

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