This is one of the keys to your Acting Career Success.

What film do you want to star in?

What character do you want to play?

What director do you want to work with?

What kind of impact do you want to have?

Where do you want your Acting Career to go?

Know and Love who you are and Precisely what you Want

Take a piece of paper and write down the answers. Then go ahead a decide that that is precisely what you are going to do. Knowing what you want will take you there quickly. You determine your Acting Career Success.

Not knowing where you want to go will get you nowhere. If your attitude is “whatever comes”, you will not be living up to your full potential, and therefore it will be hard to find fulfilment.

What you want is very important, and you can have it.

Know thou self.

The sum of who we are is fundamentally determined by how we perceive ourselves. Not that that is always our true self which we perceive ourselves to be; more often than not, our perception is corrupted with negativity and false limiting beliefs.

If you perceive yourself as a perfect divine being, then your perception is correct. If you perceive yourself as anything less than that, chances are you are incorrect in how you see yourself. Your Acting Career Success will match your perception of yourself.

Know and Love who you are and Precisely what you Want

In a depthless way, we can decide who we are by what we choose to believe about ourselves; that perception then becomes the blueprint for creating our life path and the achievements in our journey. What we do or don’t do during our existence is directly correlated with how we see ourselves.

I say depthless because the truth is always the truth, no matter what we choose to believe. Therefore, if you live your life in a way that doesn’t fully serve you, your perception of yourself might be corrupted.

It’s essential to be aware of who we are or understand how we perceive ourselves. From that standpoint, we can draw out what do we want in life and how we will achieve success in our acting career.

We can better understand why are we here?

We must own up to the fact that what we do, or don’t do, for that matter, is always our choice. That’s why life is much better when we make sure we “choose” as opposed to just let “anything happen” or letting “someone else” decide what our life is about.

Know and Love who you are and Precisely what you Want

You are who you believe you are.

Your inner desires and those things that make you happy and joyful are an excellent navigation guide or tool towards fulfilling your dreams; as long as your objectives align with all things good, you can be sure that is what you are here to accomplish.

Your experiences in life became your unique inventory of tools, knowledge, feelings, and thoughts, the fabric of you.

Your background often helps shape your future. Your background is not absolute but is essential to your cultural contribution to society and any “acting” role you decide to go for.

Your Uniqueness is your greatest asset in your contribution towards life, our planet, and humanity.

It is crucial that you love who you are and respect what you want because it is the path towards living your fullest potential and getting out of life precisely what you are here to experience. Fully contributing to the human collective. Your soul is linked to ALL; we are all one. Your heart’s desires are our desires too.

Know and Love who you are and Precisely what you Want

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Know and Love who you are and Precisely what you Want

Your thoughts and feelings shape you and your future.

A belief is a constantly repeated thought infused with feeling and emotion. Even though we are not our thoughts, the fundamental essence of who we are is more significant than our capacity to think; our beliefs shape us and determine to a certain degree what we do with our physical existence.

The idea of “living from your heart” implies staying true to your beliefs in your dealings with life, but it also means that you let yourself be lead by your soul and that you fully trust the wisdom within you for guidance. Many people’s troubles, stress and even depression, lie with excessive use of the brainpower, as the saying goes, “being in your head too much.”

To fully connect with your true life path, you must live from your heart, letting your soul guide you on to fulfilling your desires.

Your environment often plays a part in determining the things you want and those you don’t. Pay close attention to your environment and how it makes you feel when deciding what you want to highlight, what you would instead do without, and how you can affect change and positively impact those around you.

Your loved ones are those with whom you share all aspects of yourself. Their excitement for you and your acting career success and how their vibration and frequency affect you is very telling and a catalyst in how they also contribute to shaping and guiding your life path. Let joy and love be always your primary indicator for guidance.

Know and Love who you are and Precisely what you Want

Your unique creative expression

Know that as a uniquely creative individual, your creative expression is also unique. Steer clear of comparisons. Comparing yourself with others is not the best way to shaping your dreams. Specially when this is to do with your acting career success.

The more you value your creative Uniqueness, the more you treasure who you are in all ways possible, the more successful you will be in all you do, and you will find true fulfilment much faster.

What do you love about the Acting Craft?

As an Actor/Actress, the answer to that question must be clear, focused and robust.

Why do you want to be an Actor?

Is it because it makes you happy? That is as good an answer as any other. In fact, it is the best answer. Your happiness is the primary purpose of your existence. Love is the #1 ingredient to fulfil your being.

Know the answer to these questions and know you are well on your way there:

What do you want to achieve through acting?

Which then leads us to what type of an Actor you want to be?

What kind of projects you would like to be involved in?

Know and Love who you are and Precisely what you Want

Why are your Desires Important?

Your desires are important for three fundamental reasons:

1) When it is written in your heart, and it is good, that is what you came here to do.

2) By fulfilling your dreams, you find joy and fulfilment, thus making the world a better place.

3) When you live at your highest potential and from your heart with love and joy, your contribution to the world is precise as established by Divine Will.

You must give your Dreams the space under the spotlight they deserve. Treasure your Uniqueness and trust your soul’s desires to guide you onto joy and the contribution you are destined to fulfil.

Know and Love who you are and Precisely what you Want

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Know and Love who you are and Precisely what you Want

What would you like Money, Fame, Impact, Love?

Wealth and abundance is the nature of the universe. Fame follows your ability to touch the hearts or minds of many. The impact is the method by which you can affect change and create a better world. Love is what we are here for. Love is all there is, and it is all we are.

Whether it is money, fame, impact or love you want out of your Acting Career, all those reasons are good reasons.

It is your birthright to get precisely what you want out of your life. Know exactly what that is, and you are on the right track.

Sylvia Love Johnson is a Vivid Dreamer, Inspirational Writer, 7th art lover, Filmmaker, Writer, Award-winning film Producer, Award-winning Entrepreneur. Actor, Acting Coach, Method Acting Tutor.

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