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Magnificent Monologues for Brilliant Young Actors

Magnificent Monologues for Brilliant Young Actors

Confidence Comes from the Mastery of the Craft

Magnificent Monologues for Brilliant Young Actors

Shirley Temple

My acting coaching clients are always on the lookout for new monologues; for this reason, Monologue Mastery is so very popular in our community of Actors. I’m always renewing and updating my coaching materials to cover a wide variety of roles and characters from all walks of life. I choose to guide the most energetic and ambitious performances that showcase exceptional talent, great passion and disposition.

Work that is challenging and that helps us reach the highest levels of mastery we can wish. I’m delighted to see the transformation in my Actors throughout the process of creation. I always highlight the importance of picking the best monologues you can find.

Choosing the right monologues serves you not only to audition and get bookings but most importantly, to sharpen your craft. Having a good selection of monologues under your belt is the best way to challenge your ability and develop a heightened awareness while engaging in deep character-focused work. Ideally, you will be creating a large inventory of human character traits to help you embody any role with ease and mostly with great delight. Confidence comes from the mastery of the craft, nothing else. Here are three of the most exciting monologues we are currently working on at Acting Career Coach.

Magnificent Monologues for Brilliant Young Actors

Magnificent Monologues for Girls 11–17+

What’s the Monologue Anne — Passionate

Anne “Mrs Lynde, I’m extremely sorry I behaved so terribly….” Lucy Maud Montgomery, “Anne of the Green Gables.”

The Character

Anne Shirley Anne of Green Gables, a children’s novel by Canadian author Lucy Maud Montgomery, was published in 1908. The work, a sentimental but charming coming-of-age story about a spirited and unconventional orphan girl who finds a home with elderly siblings Mathew and Marilla, became a classic of children’s literature and led to several sequels. Anne Shirley is a fictional character, the heroine of Anne of Green Gables (1908) and several subsequent novels for children by Lucy Maud Montgomery.

Anne, a red-haired Canadian orphan, is an imaginative, high-spirited girl who speaks her mind. She wants, above all, to find a home with people who will love her. Anne goes to live with an elderly brother and sister in a house with green gables on a farm on Prince Edward Island. Impulsive and sometimes mischievous, Anne has many misadventures, but she matures in the course of the book and in the end, wins a scholarship to college. The young girl is intelligent and precocious. Unaware of the social norms of her adopted world, she behaves mostly according to her instincts, and as a result, she is both shocking and charming. She makes mistakes in social situations, she is inept when it comes to customary female roles, but she is remarkably intelligent. She learns to adapt the rules of her world to her own will. As a result, she is most successful in establishing herself as her person. Anne is a strong character who can adapt to her circumstances while maintaining her own will and personality.

Magnificent Monologues for Brilliant Young Actors

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Magnificent Monologues for Brilliant Young Actors

Tips for Learning and Performing it

Be sure to explore Anne’s past, infancy, and childhood growing up and dig into her imagination. Imagine everything that ML Montgomery doesn’t tell us about Anne. All and everything that happened before Green Gables. Imagine what it is like to be so imaginative. Let your imagination run wild as an exercise to get into character. Think deeply about the way she is saying the words. Don’t assume. Go back as far as when she was a baby who lost her parents and was an orphan. Try to understand where does here passion resides deeply. What are her biggest dreams and her greatest fears? Do not attempt to learn the lines until you know Anne inside out like the palm of your hand (if you know it). During the delivery, make sure you savour the words. Have a clear, palpable and real line of thought. Treat each idea as a feeling that produces poetry in you. Thus you speak it.

Why is it a great Monologue?

This monologue is fantastic to showcase sheer sweetness, an emotional, highly spirited character. A heroic character who knows how to stand up and speak up for herself in the most clever and agreeable ways. It showcases passion way beyond the ordinary. You showcase a heart to fall in love when you learn it well. While you also demonstrate a touch of cheekiness and sharp intelligence.

Magnificent Monologues for Brilliant Young Actors

Magnificent Monologues for Brilliant Young Actors
Joan of ArC, Anne of the Green Gables, Cori Maxon. Let these legendary Characters Showcase your Amazing Talent. Ages 13 -19Master the Anting Craft as a Young Actor or Actress with the help of these legendary child characters. Make each character your own to suit your uniqueness, and begin to align your acting career dreams with your destiny. Fall in love with these amazing monologues and maximise your talent and potential for great success in acting.

Magnificent Monologues for Brilliant Young Actors

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Magnificent Monologues for Brilliant Young Actors
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Magnificent Monologues for Girls 14 + Joan of Arc — Divine Power

How lucky and blessed are we as women and girls to have Saint Joan as an example of strength, power and divine blessing where it was least expected in a young illiterate teenage girl.

The Monologue

“God will be merciful to them, and they will act like His good children when…” George Bernard Shaw. Saint Joan

The Character

Joan of Arc was gifted with visions instructing her to liberate France from the armies of the English. As a young woman, she defied friends, family, and even government members in her attempts to free the French. Through the strength of Joan’s personality and her ability to foretell the future, Joan convinced the King of France to grant her an armed force. In return, she led her small band of followers to take on and defeat the might of the English. Her conviction ensured her a place at the forefront of France’s military history.

Tips for Learning and Performing

Be sure to learn the history of this real-life character inside out. Improvise scenes of the life of Saint Joan up to the point when the monologue happens. Became aware of the meaning of having “visions” and how they feel. Who else in history had divine visions, and how did they lead their life. Learn about the influence of the Catholic faith at the time. Also, study how women, specifically young girls, were viewed and treated when Saint Joan lived. Imagine how it would be like for you to receive a divine calling that carries the responsibility of liberating your country. Visualise it now. How does that feel? Feel those feelings often. Milk them and make them a part of you while you play this role. During the delivery, enjoy each word. Treat the monologue entirely as a message coming directly from God.

Magnificent Monologues for Brilliant Young Actors

Why is it a Great Monologue?

This monologue showcases the extraordinary passion and firm faith of the character. A divine calling. The power within and belief beyond the extraordinary. It shows sheer determination. It goes against the norm and defies all sorts of social rules. When played well, this monologue can have a monumental impact on the viewers and lead to intellectual conversation. Magnificent Monologue for

Boys 14+

The Monologue

This is a heated conversation between Cori and his father, Troy. However, at Acting Career Coach, we have taken out all of Troy’s lines and made them into Cori’s monologue. Cori Maxson- Heartbroken

“I got to get by — you in my way. I got to get by. Come on, Pop . . . I got to get by.” August Wilson, Fences

The son of Troy and Rose, Cory embodies hope for the future unmet by his father’s pessimism. When Cory seeks love and compassion in his relationship with Troy, it’s met with a hardened toughness, as his father believes that his relationship with his son is born out of sheer duty — not love.— Cory has optimism about his future. Troy, however, views Cory’s career aspirations as idealistic and detached from the realities of their society.

Magnificent Monologues for Brilliant Young Actors

Tips for Learning and Performing it

Children want to please their parents forever. This goes on, for many, even far into adulthood. Troy clarifies to Cori throughout this conversation that this will never be the case in this Father-Son relationship. Troy is not pleased with Cori and never will be. No matter what Cori does. While Troy is busy performing an arm-wrestling power struggle with himself. Cori is getting heartbroken. Ensure you know what Troy is saying. It’s important to understand that your monologue is nothing but a reaction to Troy’s words and attitude. Throughout the performance, you need to be responding and reacting only. None of this comes from you, Cory. You don’t want this. This is all Troy’s doing. Cori gets more heartbroken with his unreasonable dad’s behaviour.

Why is this such a great monologue?

This monologue showcases strength and desperation in equal parts. Cori can keep his line of thought and talk about what matters to him, including his love for his father, though he is reasonable and egocentric. Also, although this is a no-win argument for Cori, he exposes his feelings as they are, and he holds his strength until the end.

Sylvia Love Johnson is a Vivid Dreamer, Inspirational Writer, 7th art lover, Filmmaker, Writer, Award-winning film Producer, Award-winning Entrepreneur. Actor, Acting Coach, Method Acting Tutor.

Sylvia is helping actors across the world take control of their careers. Join her Acting Career Coach Online School for Monologue Mastery, Method Acting, Actor Mind Set Mastery and Audition Prepping kits and tips.

Magnificent Monologues for Brilliant Young Actors

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