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Method Acting Mastery

Method Acting Mastery

A two-hour slot per session is recommended. 

Acting professionals agree that adequate advanced acting training is hardly available.

Most educational institutions teach nothing but the basics in a generalised form that completely nullifies the creative mind and the uniqueness of the individual artist.

This means that the average Actor/Actress does not know how to create an organic and truthful character. They often run out of inspiration once we have gone through all the information they have about the character they are working on.

Mastering Method Acting helps create ever-evolving and limitless Characters drawn from unique individual experiences and perceptions.

Method Acting leads you to understand the core of building the inner life of a role truthfully manifested on the stage.

Aligning with your Acting Career Dreams and Desires, Redefined

The Problems we are solving with Method Acting Mastery:

  1. Reducing the general Lack of Knowledge of the Acting Craft 
  2. Providing a High Level of Acting Mastery and Advanced Acting Training for Students and Professionals. 

Actors/Actresses unfamiliar with Method Acting Mastery are missing out on the techniques that make performers robust in their Acting Craft.

Method Acting Mastery helps you with…

Have a tool kit that lets you instantly and organically reach out into your character’s inner life at any level or stage desired.

The ability to draw out more and more truth from your creations at will while embarking on the most satisfying journey to acting craft Mastery.

With Method Acting Mastery, We give you the tools to Master the Method. You learn how to apply the techniques in a way that’s unique to your specific creativity signature.

Our Method, Acting Mastery techniques, are  Sylvia Love Johnson’s Acting Coaching teaching adaptations from Stanislavsky’s and Strasberg’s methodologies infused with her Acting Mastery methodology to include modern practices and philosophy as well as science, based on the creative power of imagination, manifestation, human creativity, inner power and our ability to draw anything we desire from Source. 

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