The Creative’s Inspiration E-Journal 6 Volumes


This is the only tool you need to unleash your creativity and source of inspiration from within.  A tool created to inspire creatives in their creations.

Actor’s Audition Mastery Kit
Creatives Inspiration Journal
Artists Source Inspiration Accelerator
Writer’s Block Reversal
Unlimited Creative Motivation Unleashed
Deep Inner Creative Source Connection

If you’d like to start transforming into a soul-driven creativity powerhouse, then you’re going to want to get the Creative’s Inspiration Source right away.


The Creative’s Inspiration Source E Journal


Here’s what you get when you enrol now…

The Creative’s Inpiration Source: Transform into an Unlimited Source of Creativity for Success in Acting and any other CREATIVE endeavour.

This tool is designed to help you open up to your superpowers: Confidence, Full Creativity, Inner-self certainty, universal support and unlimited inspiration.


It’s different from another mind Mastery, Manifesting Tools because it Targets your Unique Artistic Creativity.

Here’s what you get:

  • You’ll get a simple 5 step process for getting yourself ready to create wonders within minutes.
  • – this is the same process countless others have used to be inspired beyond their expectations, and now you can too!
  • You’ll discover a little-known way to get instant direct inspiration from within yourself.
  • You’ll find out what many Actors/Artists/Creatives do that’s blocking them from achieving the success they want in their career– and what you need to do to avoid this inhibiting mistake.
  • You’ll find out what Stanislavsky and Strasberg teach about the basics of “good acting” – or what I call the Transformational Actor, and how you too can apply it to your life and art.
  • You’ll learn 50 sequences for instant performance/creative session prepping – these are going to make the process of creating a whole lot easier!
  • You’ll discover the main dos and don’ts that will transform the way you approach the path of advancing in your artistic career.
  • You’ll find out which question to ask yourself before you begin to draw out unlimited inspiration from within you.
  • You’ll get a resource that makes it easier and faster than ever to become confident about your work on the spot– you’ll wonder how you ever managed to do this before you had this knowledge.
  • You will feel ever so close to the most significant artists who have walked the Earth because you will be employing their methods daily via bite-size doses of inspiration.



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