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The Ultimate Actors Warm-up _ Acting Masterclass


A passionate Acting Masterclass for All levels that will transform your Actor’s lifestyle with fitness, inspiration, emotional freedom and Acting Craft Mastery.Here is what is standing between you and the Sheer Confidence- Readiness- and Disposition you want in your Actor’s lifestyle. If you want to Always feel at the top of your game as an Actor/Actress, you need to read this because it could change your life.




The Ultimate Actor’s Warm-up – Acting Masterclass

A passionate Acting Masterclass for All levels that will transform your Actor’s lifestyle with fitness, inspiration, emotional freedom and Acting Craft Mastery


Here is what is standing between you and the Sheer Confidence- Readiness- and Disposition you want in your Actor’s lifestyle.

Coaching is my way of giving back and letting you know all my secrets, step by step, for your successful career in Acting.

One of the first things I developed was with an exact objective in mind:

To Help You Never Get Discourage About your Acting Career Again

A collection of methods by which the actor/actress can

  1. Feel and Be Confident Instantly from the moment they walk into an Audition.
  2. They can feel in the moment right before they walk into the scene they are going to be performing.
  3. They access an instant readiness state for performance, filming, rehearsals or auditions.
  4. The ability to stay focused in your Acting and in top form, fit and healthy body, mind and soul becomes a lifestyle.

It took me a lot of time and many hours of coaching to find the perfect and precise combination of acting tools, methods and elements that would work in a short time (as little as 3 Minutes) to quickly achieve

  • 100% confidence
  • Readiness on Demand
  • And the feeling of “In – the -Moment” being right into your scene from the second before you walk into the performance.

Once I worked it out, my stars (my acting students) started having excellent results instantly.

Take a look:

I finished this Actor Warm-Up book, and it is incredible! Sylvia shows so many ways to prepare yourself for a audition! I’ve already tried some of the techniques in the book and can’t wait to try some more. The format of the book is perfect. I personally think this book is great for Actors and public speakers!

Miura Skye

I just finished reading THE ULTIMATE ACTOR’S WARM-UP for the 2nd time! It’s wonderful. I found all the recommendations for Acting I can apply to my daily life. My confidence and peace of mind have improved tremendously. It was simple. Everything was written in the book clearly with explanations why. I’d recommend this book for Actors and anyone who’s working on their inner self. I know one thing for sure I laugh a lot more.

Pamela Hester Jackson

The Ultimate Actors Warm-up is so detailed. I wish this was around when I studied acting. So simple and also therapeutic. Fantastic job, Sylvia! Many beginning actors should have this in their library.

Dionne Phipps-Manuel

I like the idea that the exercises are doable and they can fit anyone’s schedule. It’s laid out simplistically. Yet, it creates the powerful tools to strengthen an actor’s fortitude of mind necessary for success. “Success occurs when opportunity meets preparation.” – Zig Ziglar.

Dianne Diaz

Let’s talk unique and groundbreaking. Sylvia Love Johnson does it again! Her Acting Masterclass is fascinating and stimulating beyond words! It digs deep into the soul of an actor and excavates to the core of emotions! Thank you once again!

Lori Solamente

One of the easiest ways to get motivated is to read a great book. When you read the right book, you want to go out and conquer the world. The Acting Masterclass will do precisely that. Through her creative genius, skilfully crafted techniques, and passion, Sylvia will take you on an inspirational journey giving you the right tools to succeed as an actor. If you read this book and take all those principles to heart, it will enhance your creative senses and help you achieve your goals. I highly recommend it!

Natasha Khan

So I’ve been taking on acting since high school, and I must admit that The Ultimate Actors Warm-up – Acting Masterclass taught me more through its pages than all 4 years of me taking it. Sylvia, you have done such a fantastic job with us! Especially the step-by-step process of how everything works! Love it! Highly recommend!

Brandon Diaz

Sylvia has put so much thought into this The Acting Masterclass. It’s easy to follow and very motivating. I am so excited to start using this daily! Great ideas for stress management and relaxation that we can all use. This is a perfect gift for anyone on your list.

Mona M Cook

This is a powerful tool! Sylvia’s experience and passion shine through. Full of motivation and inspiration, a great way to track and review your journey to enhance success. Highly recommended!

Irene Mullee

Once you get this, nothing can stop you. You feel empowered. Doing a great audition is no longer up to luck; you can plan it.

The Ultimate Actor’s Warm-up the Acting Masterclass

The Acting Masterclass Is a sequence of efficient and laser-focused Acting exercises to fully prepare you; it conditions you and dramatically boosts your confidence and disposition. Spend from 3 minutes to 45 minutes to as many hours as you desire, depending on your needs for the specific day.


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