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Breakthrough Audition Coaching

Audition Mastery Coaching

A two-hour slot per session is recommended. 

Many performers find preparing for auditions a source of nerves and a lack of confidence under pressure. We struggle with short preparation time; this can also mean a lack of knowledge of the role, intensifying fear of competition.

The most common pains related to auditions are uncertainty/insecurity and fear of rejection. Commonly, confidence can be random and often dependent on mood or luck. This happens because the focus of the audition needs to be in the right place: You.

What You Master and How you feel during and after Breakthrough Audition Coaching 

  1. Learn to enjoy the audition as a unique experience and an opportunity to boost your confidence.
  2. Learn to Prepare like a Pro in a short time, if necessary, and enjoy the process of preparation to the full.
  3. Becoming empowered and in awe of your creativity during the sessions.
  4. Learn how to quickly get to know your character in great detail with in-depth knowledge.
  5. Students leave the sessions satisfied with their creations and with a deeper understanding of their uniqueness in the Acting Craft. 

Get ready to shine and enjoy yourself fully at your next audition.

With Breakthrough Audition Coaching, you prepare, learn where confidence resides, and most importantly, realise what’s the most practical yet beneficial use you can give to attending your auditions.

Author: Sylvia Love Johnson

Method Acting Tutor. Acting Career Coach. Actress, Writer, Filmmaker, and Producer. Sylvia Love Johnson is a Vivid Dreamer, Inspirational Writer, 7th art lover, Filmmaker, Writer, Award-winning film Producer, and Award-winning Entrepreneur. Actor, Acting Coach, and Method Acting Tutor. Sylvia is helping actors across the world take control of their careers. Join her Acting Career Coach Online School for Monologue Mastery, Method Acting, Actor Mind Set Mastery and Audition Prepping information and direction.

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