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Breakthrough Audition Coaching

Audition Mastery Coaching

If you have an audition coming up, let your Acting Tutor know. We are here to help you get the part. We will coach you to get your performance at the best it can possibly be.

This is a convenient service for Actors preparing for important auditions. The main thing that we will be tackling is ensuring that you feel confident, ready and that you have prepared well.

We will guide you in maximising your potential.

In this session with your Acting Tutor, we will look at your text, technique, delivery and state of mind for the audition. We will evaluate your performance and look at maximising your unique strengths.

I’m proud to say that with our system,​ we are guiding our students in learning how to gain confidence and establish a career in acting despite the usual rejection that comes with the job and, in transforming every stumbling block into a stepping stone for their success.

We ensure we see you marching on in the direction of Career Dreams, Success and Fulfilment.

Audition Mastery Coaching

During this session, you will learn

#1 To know and leverage your unique artistic gifts.

#2 To become fully confident from within yourself regardless of the outside world.

#3 To transform your audition into the most fun opportunity to shine.

All this while sharpening your skills and learning to Master the Craft. So you can be conscious and intentional in mapping out your career path toward your dream roles.

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