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Intensive Character Development

Dramat Character - Method Acting

With this Session, the Guidance of your Acting Tutor helps Characterisation become your Second Nature.

You have reached the place where the character you are working on come flourish while becoming the most self-fulfilling work you will ever do.

With these laser-focused character-driven coaching sessions, you work Characterisation at all levels.

There are multiple compelling and exciting ways to tackle a character. As your Acting Tutor, I will teach you all of them. This is the most beautiful work we do. As an actor, you learn how satisfying it is to nail your character while discovering new things about them while growing in the Mastery of The Craft.

We support you in preparing for important roles before and during production. Or if you are simply working on a role to widen your ability and skills.

I’ll provide you with all the tools, support and guidance you need.

You greatly improve your technique, and you learn multiple ways into character to create strong, outstanding performances, fresh, new, real, memorable and truthful every time.

Then you can model the process with any other role you approach once you have in-depth knowledge.

During this session, you will Learn

#1 Deep and breakthrough knowledge of your character. 

#2 How to achieve a transformational mindset that helps expand self-awareness.

#3 Improved Technique aids you in finding the resources needed to deliver outstanding performances for every character you tackle.

#4 You learn to make your audience deeply care about your characters. 

All while sharpening your skills and learning to Master the Craft.

So you can be conscious and intentional in mapping out your career path toward your dream role.

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