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MUA: Acting Career Coaching

Method Acting Tutor

Mastering the Craft. Uniqueness Power and Aligning with your career desires: MUA

 Your Acting Tutor is here to show you your road map to career fulfilment. MUA is our Step by Step to Career Guidance Coaching Programme.

Acting Tutor/ Acting Career Coaching 1-2-1 for ultimate career success. I take you by the hand to walk you through the process and the specific steps you need to take to achieve your acting career goals.

Guidance, structure and continued support.

Actors complain about how difficult it is to break into the Industry. Having looked from both sides: as an Actress and as an Acting Tutor, I know that what is mainly lacking is ‘guidance’ ‘knowledge of how the industry works, which shows a need for structure and continued support in all areas of the Acting Career.

Here is the guidance you need to harness the power within for fulfilment and success in your Step by Step Inspiration and action to take control of your dreams. Learn the specific process you need to master to map your acting career route.

Why did I create this programme? 

What you need to succeed beyond your wildest dreams is ‘correct guidance’ determination and knowledge 

Knowledge is Power. 

I will direct you in the steps you need to take to “Be in the right place at the right time”. For your precise goals and specific ambitions

As an Actor, Writer, Filmmaker, and Producer, and having successfully worked in these fields I have also struggled in all the areas. I know exactly how you’re feeling if you are not 100% satisfied with your career and I know exactly how to overcome your struggles because I have done it.

I came out of drama school with dreams alone. I had no direction. No idea. No support. So I made my first mistake: I started following the masses, which is the best way to get completely lost.

I have identified the different career paths you might want to take depending on your specific goals and unique desires. Levering your Uniqueness is vital for Aligning with your Dreams.

I can empower you to maximise your potential and achieve your acting career goals.

With my mentorship, you get:

1. The mindset transformation that you need to fulfil your every desire.

2. A road map will help you understand the right path towards achieving your career goals. 

3. Step by Step inspired actionable guidance to follow your customised roadmap to success.

4. You will learn to see more opportunities fast and attract them to you.

Be ready to give yourself the chance you deserve to follow your heart and to get everything you want because it is yours. Your deepest and truest desires are what you are here to do. 

Sylvia Love Johnson

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