Power of Intention in Acting Masterclass


“Discover The BEST Quick & Easy Way To Enjoy Limitless Creative Freedom on Stage and In Your Life... Starting Today!”

Even if you’re new to Acting Mastery, inexperienced in the Crat or You always find it hard to fully let go and get out of your head. This is for you even if you think you lack the confidence and skill needed to be in -the -Moment.

Masterclass Valued at £690. You get it FREE. 10 Days Access.

power of intention in acting masterclass
power of intention in acting masterclass

Here’s What You’ll Learn...

Method Acting

Meet: Sylvia Love Johnson

Sylvia Love Johnson is a Method Acting Tutor and Acting Career Coach who has developed breakthrough Acting Training Courses and Programs and coached thousands of Acting studentds and Profesional Actors.

For the past 15 years Sylvia has been helping Actors and Actresses unlock Confidence and Mastery in Acting, achieve fulfiment and freedom on Stage/Set and create an Acting Career they’re truly excited about.

In this life-changing masterclass, Sylvia Love Johnson will guide you through the proven way to unlock the power of intention in Acting… to have limitless the creative freedom on Stage without the doubting and overthinkning or the lack of confidence.

This masterclass has helped hundreds of acting talent  around the world, and you can join them by clicking the link bellow… Get 10 days Free Access.

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