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Sylvia Love Johnson

Filmmaker, Actress, Writer, Producer, Method Acting Tutor.

Sylvia Love Johnson founded Her Dramatic Arts School in 2008 In Barcelona. She studied MA in Filmmaking at Kingston University in 2010-2013. She created her production company in 2012 in London.

Winner of the Best Produced Kid’s Short Film Award at San Diego International Kids Film Festival for “Art’s Eyes” 2013.

Her short film “Forgotten Paradise” 2015 was selected in the Official Selection of Depth of Film International Film Festival in 2015, the official selection of the Nairobi International Film Festival in 2016 and featured in Palms Springs Short Film Market in 2015.

Her short film “She Moon Experimental” was selected in the Official Selection of A Film for Peace International Film Festival 2014 and featured at Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Market 2014.

Sylvia received the Kingston University New Enterprise Award in 2011 for the self-publishing and self-distribution of her first novel “Mystic Dream”. She won the Barcelona Activa New Enterprise award in 2008 for her Award-winning Drama School “School of Theatre Acting Academy”. A School acclaimed by multiple professional theatre companies and casting directors resulted in the successful casting of some of her students for parts in the Hollywood Movie “Wrath of Titans” 2012.

Sylvia is the author of the 100 Secrets Story Series. She has written the screenplays ‘Tears of Mariposa Lily’ and ‘Mystic Dream’ feature films in development.

Her other shorts include “Lance & Lucy the Short Movie” 2011Ethical Fashion: Tamman” 2012 and “METHOD: The Making of” 2015

Sylvia Love Johnson
Sylvia Love Johnson

As an Actress, Acting Coach and Award-winning Film Producer, I am passionate about helping actors achieve their dreams. As an Acting Tutor, my acting courses and 1-2-1 coaching sessions are designed to help professional working actors at any stage in their careers to achieve higher levels of mastery as well as career guidance and support. But do not fret, beginners with true love and passion for the craft are always welcome to join our clan. Book your first Acting Session here.

I was born in Spain, Valencia. I was raised partially in the Canary Islands, Las Palmas, and partially in London, England; I am a Spanish-British, from Reading, UK. I have worked in theatre, cinema and TV in Spain and England.

My multicultural background has taught me the importance of being an individual, never imitating, trying to copy or comparing yourself with other talents. Believe it or not, there is absolutely no competition in this industry because no one can compete with your uniqueness. You are your greatest asset.

Sylvia Love Johnson
Sylvia Love Johnson
Sylvia Love Johnson
Sylvia Love Johnson
Sylvia Love Johnson
Sylvia Love Johnson
Sylvia Love Johnson
Sylvia Love Johnson
Sylvia Love Johnson

We have a false belief that one has to be “lucky” to make it as an Actor. I’m coaching some of the finest and brightest and coming to UK Film and TV talent. Their success has nothing to do with luck. It’s all about correct guidance and craft mastery. The empowerment that I’m seeing is game-changing. As someone who has been in this industry for 25 years and served as an Acting Tutor for most of those years, I’m happy to be taking an active part in helping others advance.

My students go deep into each character/monologue. They dive into Method Acting techniques. They come out of the courses/coaching sessions utterly transformed with a level of versatility, concentration and characterisation, truly powerful capabilities. Their confidence skyrockets, and so do their ability and disposition to get the acting work they want.

Over the last 15 years as an Actor’s Coach, I have learnt that most actors approach their career paths incorrectly. Usually following the masses and doing what everyone else is doing, thus getting what everyone else is getting: ‘Very little.

In this profession, it is imperative to know your ‘why’ and why are you doing this? You need to learn about your mission, unveil your purpose and go after your innermost desires with a laser-focused attitude that gives you the confidence you need to become unstoppable.

I deeply believe you can achieve whatever you want. If you want to become a masterful Method Actor and take full control of your acting career, you are in the right place. Actors need much more support and the tools to build their confidence and career. This is why I have created several courses and advanced acting training programs.

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