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Pamela Hester Jackson

I came face to face with my soul. That’s how I felt after going through Sylvia’s ‘Creative’s Source’. The first time I read it I felt like there it is, the words are on the page, and they’re speaking to you. My inner self was shaking me; it’s right there on the page. I went to the journal again to read it, do the exercises, and write down my truth.

I meditated on the words, and then I heard my soul. ‘What about you. Can you do this? The journal says I can. I started writing about why I felt the way I did about myself and my talent. Why did I stop? I thought I wasn’t good enough, but by reading and journaling, I realized I had to share my talent, not isolate and think I’m not good enough. My soul sounded in me, ‘yes, it’s time’.

This journal is fantastic. I feel reborn, and if I start feeling like I can’t, I read this journal and my writings, and I know that, yes I can. It’s wonderful. We should all love and be passionate about what we’re doing. I am the only person that can do what I do. I can do whatever my soul urges me to do. My creativity, as a result, has increased, and I’m 100% confident I can do my art like no other. Sylvia Love Johnson has written a very helpful journal. I recommend whoever you are or whatever you do, this journal will help you develop a stronger you. Then listen to your soul. It’s easy.

Author: Sylvia Love Johnson

Method Acting Tutor. Acting Career Coach. Actress, Writer, Filmmaker, and Producer. Sylvia Love Johnson is a Vivid Dreamer, Inspirational Writer, 7th art lover, Filmmaker, Writer, Award-winning film Producer, and Award-winning Entrepreneur. Actor, Acting Coach, and Method Acting Tutor. Sylvia is helping actors across the world take control of their careers. Join her Acting Career Coach Online School for Monologue Mastery, Method Acting, Actor Mind Set Mastery and Audition Prepping information and direction.

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