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Pamela Hester Jackson

I came face to face with my soul. That’s how I felt after going through Sylvia’s ‘Creative’s Source’. The first time I read it I felt like there it is, the words are on the page, and they’re speaking to you. My inner self was shaking me; it’s right there on the page. I went to the journal again to read it, do the exercises, and write down my truth.

I meditated on the words, and then I heard my soul. ‘What about you. Can you do this? The journal says I can. I started writing about why I felt the way I did about myself and my talent. Why did I stop? I thought I wasn’t good enough, but by reading and journaling, I realized I had to share my talent, not isolate and think I’m not good enough. My soul sounded in me, ‘yes, it’s time’.

This journal is fantastic. I feel reborn, and if I start feeling like I can’t, I read this journal and my writings, and I know that, yes I can. It’s wonderful. We should all love and be passionate about what we’re doing. I am the only person that can do what I do. I can do whatever my soul urges me to do. My creativity, as a result, has increased, and I’m 100% confident I can do my art like no other. Sylvia Love Johnson has written a very helpful journal. I recommend whoever you are or whatever you do, this journal will help you develop a stronger you. Then listen to your soul. It’s easy.

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